On 15 and 16 June 2017, at Campus Luigi Einaudi, the University of Turin’s Department of Law and the National Platform Against Human Trafficking organized the National Conference “Complessità in movimento. Interventi e politiche contro la tratta di esseri umani: siamo a un punto di svolta” (“Complexity on the move. Interventions and policies against human trafficking: we are at a turning point”).
The students of the Against Human Trafficking Law Clinic sat at the work tables and submitted the reports at the beginning of the plenary session of the 16th June, in front of the chairmen Monica Cerutti (Councillor for Equal Opportunities of the Piedmont Region), Michele Palma (Department of Equal Opportunities), Ilaria Caccetta (Territorial Commission of Turin), Donatella Giunti (Prefecture of Turin), Helena Beher (UNHCR), Carlotta Santarossa (OIM), Maria Silvia Olivieri (SPRAR Central Service), Alberto Mossino (National Anti-trafficking Platform), Manuela De Marco (Caritas Italy), Mirta Da Pra (Gruppo Abele), Alessandra D’Angelo (Against Human Trafficking Law Clinic).